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Crossroads High School


  • I only started Thursday but since then the impact has made a difference in my life due to learning what I could be doing versus what I am doing.

  • Keeps me motivated and to not care about what other people say.  Work hard for success and make good choices.  Marijuana is not as healthy as they say.

  • Opened my eyes up about life because I already felt like I’ve lived a full life.

  • Acceptance, goals, and dreams will always impact me throughout this lesson because I am a girl who is always seen as a boy because of my appearance.

  • It made me re-think a lot of things.  Also choose different decisions.

  • Not to be having sex with other people.

  • I really like it.  It really gave me lots of information on sexual activity for when I’m older.  Talking about drug use really opened my eyes.

  • It changed my mindset on things.

  • The impact it had was that it was pretty informative and to be a better person to be successful.

  • This made me think about making good choices and to always think things through before hand.

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