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  • The Reality check program definitely changed my view on a lot of things about relationships, alcohol, and social media. I actually thought this was a good lesson that helps people be more informed for the future.

  • I know more now. I feel more likely to think about my choices, no matter what they are, more in depth before I do them. This was also the first time that STDs have been discussed in a school setting towards myself. This is a good program to have out there and thank you all for caring about our knowledge of these subjects.

  • I thought it was very needed, to be educating us, high schoolers as we start to enter adulthood.

  • I realized that I should start working towards my big goals earlier on, and that I have the choice to not do bad things like drugs/alcohol.

  • It made me more aware of my relationships and whether or not I was reaching out to people for the right reasons.

  • It taught me to really take time to the people around me and make sure that I want them in my life. Also not to rush into an relationship with someone even if I feel that intense attraction because that attraction can wear off and I could end up in a relationship I shouldn't be in.

  • It just showed me how to treat my body and how to be safe physically and mentally.

  • it gave me good information on a everyday thing for teens, relationships, sexual activity and how our brain works while in use of alcohol and drugs.

  • It made me realize that drugs and alcohol are a big deal and we have so much more life to live and experience.

  • It was very helpful to learn about the impacts of the physical and emotional side of the conflicts of the wrong time and reason to have sexual activity. It is also very good life lesson to learn, obviously, but it's properly the right time, when going into high school.

  • It opened my eyes to the many aspects of my life and body. Those aspects determine what could happen in the future and the consequences of doing not-so-good things. At the heart of it all, the brain and the feelings you feel are the most important things. So many things have become so much more clear after this program.

  • Made me realize I shouldn't be lazy. I can’t say I wanna be this and that with no work improvements nor actions.  I should be responsible for my work cause my hard work will pay off soon. I just gotta be patient and believe in myself. Thank you for reminder.

  • The Reality Check program taught me about how to avoid getting stuck in an unhealthy relationship and I learned about how my brain reacts emotionally to different things and the types of attachments it creates.


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