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Fayetteville High School


  • I learned that I need to be more careful about the people that I surround myself with so they don't keep me from accomplishing the things I want.

  • It helped me open my eyes to some of the things that can help you make better decisions and some things that you need to look out for.

  • Taught me a lot of things that I wish I had known sooner, but looking forward I'm glad I now know.

  • It gave me another opinion on what is wrong and choices I shouldn't make at the age that I am.

  • It helped me figure out what was going on between me and a guy was really bad. I blocked him yesterday, thank you.

  • It helped reinforce what I knew I should and shouldn't be doing that my parents have also taught me to do.

  • The impact that the Reality Check program had on me was by helping me think through some of my life decisions that I will have to face. I am lucky to not worry about many of those things yet but they are starting to approach me and I am glad to receive this information now so that I can be as informed as I can when making life changing decisions. I also loved how it showed us that when friends don't realize they're being hurt it's because their brain is almost suppressing that emotion; and I realized a lot of my friends are going through this. There are many more things but the overall just is that I feel way more informed then before.

  • The Reality Check program helped me understand the dangers of sexual intercourse emotional and physically, but it also helped me understand what to do to avoid STDs and pregnancy.

  • I taught me to stay away from drugs and alcohol because it has a big effect on our brain. Also, to pay attention to who’s in my circle because that can impact your life, actions, and feelings.

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