George Junior High


  • This week made me realize that I run away too much, it’s okay to run away but I can’t run away forever. At one point or another I have to stick up for myself and face problems head on. So thank you very much for teaching me that.

  • It had a great impact on me, I really do need a person in life to set me forward once a month or week. I really want someone to guide me and have my perspective changed and not always focus on the negatives. I also want to do that for someone.

  • Made me see there is deeper things in life with staying safe, sexually, mentally, and many other things like that, that can affect us in many ways.

  • It impacted me by helping know how choices impact my life in the future and how it be careful.

  • The way I see life and my future.

  • To be in a healthy relationship.

  • Helping me understand what I want for my future.

  • It gave me a lot answers or reason for issues that has been happening.

  • Reality Check helped me realize a lot of things and it taught me more about emotions and relationships.

  • How much worth I have.