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George Junior High


  • This class has impacted me a lot.  There’s a lot of things that I wish I could’ve avoided, and I feel like this class has helped me to better understand myself.  As well as my emotions.  I feel more comfortable about a lot of things.  Things my parents have never talked tome about were covered here & I feel well and comfortable.  Thank you.

  • It’s impacted me to be confident in myself.  I had a bad experience when I was younger and I was insecure.  Now I know everything I need to know.

  • It’s given me a better understanding of what’s going on in not just my brain, but in other people’s brains.  Reality Check has also helped me learn that life isn’t short and that you should make the best decisions for yourself.

  • This impacted me by thinking how I am gonna focus on myself and thinking what good things could happen.  To push forward with my life in a good way.

  • I learned that it’s never too late.

  • This class has impacted me by not wanting to just have sex with anyone.  And to stop smoking.

  • It made me a better person and gave me warnings.

  • This class has made me more aware of how my choices can impact my future, relationships, and others around me.  Especially myself.

  • This class impacted me by making me think more positive than negative.

  • This class showed me how toxic some of my friends were, so I left those relationships.  And I’m going to try harder in life.

  • This class has impacted the way I choose to make decisions in the future.  The lessons taught in this class gave me a better and safe opportunity to stay away from things that could affect me later on in the future.

  • Small choices can lead to big problems.  Choices you make can affect you for the rest of your life.  It made me think about what I should do to make a better me, so I that I can be happy with myself and not have regrets.

  • It really impacted the choices I make around my friends.

  • I think it really told me that every choice you make does make an impact on you. Sex, relationships, and other behaviors will have an impact on you because it’s something that we do when we are any ages. I think that it was necessary that the lessons were taught because it definitely impacted me so if it impacted me then it can impact anyone.

  • I guess it made me feel safe and not to fear to ask question or talk to someone about it.

  • It really taught me more about the male and female body and how it works and how to be safe if doing anything sexual.

  • To not smoke or do bad things like drugs and listen to your adults.

  • Well it gave me an understanding about sexual activities and about our emotions that we may have not known about and it really impacted me to learn more about people and why and how they feel and why they might trust the wrong types of people and much more.

  • It enlightened me on how to be a better person.

  • It really showed me how important our body is. It also made me aware of what can happen to you and diseases and many more things.

  • I started to pay attention to the people around me.

  • I learned a lot about making decisions and choosing who belongs in my circle.

  • Really taught me about how real relationship are supposed to be like.

  • It taught me a lot about reaching my goals.

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