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Green Forest Middle School



6th Grade Students:

  • “This class impacted me because I know about stuff I didn’t before.  This will help me make better decisions in certain areas because I know the outcome if I do something wrong.”

  • “I learned to not drink alcohol and no having sex and I will say no to them.  I will show respect.”

  • “It did teach me to say no to someone who asks some inappropriate or something I don’t want to give them.”

  • “This class helped me decide that I most likely need a better friend. And not to take so many risks in my future.”

  • “It impacted me by learning not to drink or to not do sex at a young age.  Saving sex for marriage is a better choice.”

  • “It help me be a good friend to my friends. It made me think that drinking is bad.”

  • “Say no if it doesn’t go with your values.  Don’t vape.”

  • “This class made me understand that drugs are a horrible decision and it make me more responsible.  This class helped me realize what I wanted to be in the future and how I wanted to help our community.”

  • “I know what do in the real world; to not just post or share private stuff with people I don’t know.”

  • “This class helped me understand life more.  It helped me to never give up on my dream of being a teacher.”

  • “I’ve learned what I didn’t understand before, and knew how to keep healthy in other important ways for my life.  And, felt extra valued.”


  • “I learned more about how to deal with my feelings. I will focus on my goals.”

  • “Not to having sex until I’m married.”

  • “This week’s class impacted me to learn to be a better friend.  It helped me decide to be more supportive.”

  • “It helped me figure out what I want to do in the future and who I want to be.”

  • “I decided to go to college.  I won’t do stuff I know I shouldn’t.”

  • “It made me realize I need to focus on my future. 🙂. Focus on me.”


7th Grade Students:

  • Help me make the right choices and cope with my pressures.

  • This class made me realize that I need to rethink my choices in the effect it has on others.

  • Taught me about my values.

  • I learned about my values and love. This program is awesome. I learned some things that I did not know. Thank you all for teaching that stuff!

  • It made a difference on how I think and what I want.

  • I believe it has impacted me in a way that I know I can set my boundaries.

  • I realize that having sex is very dangerous and risky.

  • It made me rethink my life choices.

  • This class is showing me to respect peoples boundaries, and why love is important.

  • I learned how important it is to take care of ourself.

  • It taught me how to become a better person.

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