Kirksey Middle School


6th Grade Students:

  • It has impacted me by knowing what to say or do in the future.  That you have to be careful who you trust.  I am prepared for what to expect maybe in the future and I can always say NO!!

  • It helped me learn what I can do and cannot do.  I have to talk to the other person I love because my opinion is not the only one that matters.

  • I learned how to focus on my goals and not give up.  I learned about my body’s private information.  I learned how to make the right decisions, to speak up, and have a good friendship quality.

  • I think it made me realize that crushes don’t last.  It made me realize it was dumb to fall in “love” with someone that WAS only a friend.

  • This class has affected me because it’s helped me learn real life things and get information that will help me stay safe.

  • This class has helped me make the correct choices for later decisions in my life.

  • This has affected me really good because I know now how to act.  Also, it answered a lot of my questions.

  • Reality Check has helped me learn that is never the (sexual abuse) victim’s fault.  To always be kind.

  • It helped me to not want to vape or use other drugs.

  • That I matter.



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