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Kirksey Middle School


6th Grade Students:

  • This class helped me because now I know how to be safe and speak up for myself!

  • It taught me that I always have a choice.

  • This class has impacted me by changing a different mindset: when learning about sex, it made me not wanna risk it.

  • This class helped me learn that I don’t have to be in a relationship to be happy.

  • This class taught me to set boundaries for myself.

  • This class helped me realize that I am who I want to be and people can’t decide that for me.

  • It impacted me by helping me think about how I should think about my choices in the future.

  • This class made me make sure that my best friends actually were my best friends.

  • This class helped me make better decisions.

  • This class impacted me to choose healthy relationships.

  • Helps me think more before I speak.

  • How to be nicer to people and help others.

  • It has impacted me by telling me to stay in my boundaries.

  • Not to hang out with the wrong people.

  • I can say no.

  • This impacted me to only have sex after I get married.

  • It changed the way I look at apps.

  • I know to be healthy with my emotional tank.

  • This made me feel connected to friendship.

  • This class helped me make the decision that I will try not to get into unhealthy relationshps.

  • To make better friends in the future.

  • Not to text bad stuff because it could impact my future.

  • I want to wait to have sex after I’m married and have that bond.

  • I have learned how to make healthy choices and to set good goals.

  • Not to choose drugs.

  • I took away that life isn’t always about relationships or sex all the time.  You need to have a real relationship with your friends and family and have trust and healthy bonds.

  • I have learned to respect myself.

  • It makes sense.  I learned a lot in this class.  It changed the way I say no and now I know I don’t have to have sex at a young age.

  • This lesson impacted me be knowing what to do in difficult situations.

  • There is always one choice in life that is better than others.  There is always a choice that makes sure you do the right thing.

  • This lesson impacted me by learning to be safe in any situation and always saying no if it’s not safe.

  • I learned that I should make good choices and I have a choice.

  • This class impacted me because it showed me to walk away from a bad relationship.

  • This class has impacted me by helping me be better on myself.

  • This class helped me not do drugs.

  • I have always said yes to everything.  But now I have started saying no more.

  • To be careful with friendships.  Good friends don’t disrespect you, they care about you and more.

  • It impacted me by teaching how to be a better friend.

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