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Kirksey Middle School


6th Grade Students:

  • It has impacted me by knowing what to say or do in the future.  That you have to be careful who you trust.  I am prepared for what to expect maybe in the future and I can always say NO!!

  • It helped me learn what I can do and cannot do.  I have to talk to the other person I love because my opinion is not the only one that matters.

  • I learned how to focus on my goals and not give up.  I learned about my body’s private information.  I learned how to make the right decisions, to speak up, and have a good friendship quality.

  • I think it made me realize that crushes don’t last.  It made me realize it was dumb to fall in “love” with someone that WAS only a friend.

  • This class has affected me because it’s helped me learn real life things and get information that will help me stay safe.

  • This class has helped me make the correct choices for later decisions in my life.

  • This has affected me really good because I know now how to act.  Also, it answered a lot of my questions.

  • Reality Check has helped me learn that is never the (sexual abuse) victim’s fault.  To always be kind.

  • It helped me to not want to vape or use other drugs.

  • That I matter.

  • It showed me how to be a better person and friend.

  • It helped me learn about what decisions to make, and I learned a little bit of what to do when the situation arrives.

  • It made me more thoughtful and responsible.

  • The Reality Check program showed me what to except of good friends.   Also that it's okay so say no rather than say yes and get in trouble. It also taught me how to avoid physical touch that I don't care for and unhealthy relationships.

  • It helped me have a different perspective on life.

  • The confidence I have with talking with other people.

  • I helped me realize that I should think of others and how they feel. I should l listen to what they have to say.

  • The Reality Check program taught me about how to avoid unhealthy relationships and stop people from hurting me on accidentally and purposely.

  • Being respectful in a relationship.

  • It helped me gain respect for people.

  • It helped me gain respect for myself and how to know if I have a healthy friendship with my friends.

  • To have a healthy relationship.

  • Helped me with my personal life.

  • The impact that the Reality Check Program had on me is by showing me how important it is to care and be nice to other people. The program also showed me what is right and wrong, but also taught me the healthy and unhealthy relationships.

  • The Reality Check program impacted me in a positive way by helping me realize that it’s okay to deny friends and stand up for yourself. It taught me to deny bad relationships and accept good ones.

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