Lakeside Junior High


  • This program helped me understand how my body works and how to be careful.

  • It had a good impact because it told me about the things I had to watch out for in the future.

  • Impact that this had on me was that you need to be careful of everything you send and see.

  • It helped me understand myself.

  • The truth about sex and condoms.

  • It taught me a lot about the future and my body.

  • It made me know how to stay safe in sexual and other activities.

  • It helped me realize how the female body works.

  • It taught me about good life decisions.

  • It had a pretty good impact on me since I would've probably not taken time out of my day to research these things and I learned very important things today and the other days of the Reality Check program.

  • It has taught me a lot of stuff about Consequences and Effects of doing certain things. Most of the things we were taught I never knew so I’m glad we were able to learn about these things.

  • It gave me a different point of view.

  • It gave me a better understanding of what sex is and what it should mean.

  • Helped me realize things I didn’t think about before.

  • It taught me many things to be aware of or careful with.

  • It made me realize that I should be more careful with physical touch.

  • To have more caution with who I'm with.

  • I have anxiety and sometimes I get scared but not really. But you did a good job of explaining about how to stop anxiety for a little bit, and So far I am doing good!