Southwest Junior High


  • This program made me think differently about my life as a whole, because this is a very short period of my life, and I've realized that the things I think and feel will not ruin my whole life if I don't let them. It has made me think about the bigger picture and my future and my decisions that could affect me later in life.

  • It gave me a look on how things would be so difficult if I chose to take the wrong path. So it taught me to always take the right path.

  • It made me look deeper into life than I did before.

  • It informed me the danger of letting someone in my circle that shouldn't be there.

  • There is more meaning to my body and life.

  • It tought me how to do healthy decisions (:

  • It showed me the value of myself and those around me and the chance I have to make the best life possible through decision making.

  • Look at things in a new different way and to take care of myself.

  • It really changed my perspective on what he talked about. He gave really good information that I can use in the future.

  • It helped me a lot by teaching me a lot about how to protect myself and how to do things properly. He also taught me a lot about my body and how it works.


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