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Van Buren High School


  • It made me realize that I am normal.  I don’t need to be doing sexual things because I’m not ready and I need to work on my emotions to stop smoking weed.

  • I thought about all the wrong decisions I’ve made.  I have to start taking care of my body and my own life.  Honestly, thank you!

  • It’s not only helped me view myself differently, but others too.  I feel more considerate of what I do and how it affects me or others.

  • This class has impacted my relationship in a good way.  I have decided to make better choices.

  • It has helped me to think more and realize how much we do can affect our life and can affect others.  Thank you for this.

  • I learned a lot of important stuff that I wanted and needed to know that I could apply to my life.  Thank you for coming.

  • It helped me become more aware of sexual activity & how it affects my body and brain.  It also helped me kind of step back and think before I do something like drugs or sex because it is very important.

  • This class has inspired me to keep my loved ones close and to cherish the little moments.

  • This class has opened my eyes to the reality of my actions.  Everything that I do, every decision impacts myself and others.  If I want to be known as a mature person, I need to always think of the consequences of my actions.  Thank you for coming and speaking to us!  We appreciate it!

  • My whole childhood, I saw my parents abuse alcohol, drugs, and each other.  I have never wanted to have nothing to do with those things.  This class has strengthened that feeling.

  • This class has taught me to be less vulnerable and to be careful.  It has helped me open my eyes on toxic relationships and how to get away.

  • Made me feel like it’s ok that I’ve missed out on the things that are supposed to be “normal” for my age.

  • This class has opened my eyes to see the long term effects that sex can have on a person’s life.  It has changed my perspective on how I will approach sexual activity from now on.

  • This week impacted me because now I realize the things I’m doing wrong and now I have a way to make it right.

  • It gave me the courage I need to stop watching porn.  Thank you.  You don’t know how much it means.

  • It really got me thinking about how what I’ve done has affected the other people in my life, especially my girlfriend.  Thank you.

  • I learned to be not only more self-aware but aware of how I might impact those around me.

  • It made me realize how sex can affect you not just physically but emotionally, which just adds another reason as to why people should wait until they are married.

  • To start paying closer attention to who I let into my circle (life).

  • The program opened my eyes as to who I let get close to me and with who I should share my closest relationships with. It helped me realize that I cannot let just anyone into my life, and that I have to build trust with time and friendship. The program also helped enlighten me that I am in charge of my own relationships and how they affect me and my brain.

  • Made me see how relationships aren't always the best, but you have to work hard to make it better.

  • It made me think a lot about my life choice in the past and future and taught me things that I need to know.

  • It made me realize I have my own choice and not to be discouraged by comparing myself to others.

  • It taught me that I have a choice in how I create my goals and future plans.

  • Made me appreciate the relationship I’m in even more.

  • It gave me information on why not rather than just don’t do it.

  • Just made me step back and think about my actions before I do them again.

  • I learned a lot about sex and got my unrealistic expectations put in check.

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