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  • It made me realize not to fall into unhealthy relationships and not to let my emotions get in the way of the decisions I make and the people I get close too.

  • It had a good impact about that love was, because I always thought that love meant that someone was there for you to make you happy and make you feel safe, but when the video came up about love that it was more of a commitment that when I started to rethink about love and what it was supposed to feel like.

  • It reminded me that I should stay true to myself and don't get blinded by how hot a guy looks.

  • How to be responsible and think about whatever I’m doing before I do it and how to be safe in active relationships. Also how actions can affect your life.

  • I makes me rethink in what I'm sending and how to truly look at a person through their emotions and not just their looks.

  • It gave me a better outlook on life.

  • I gave me good information and advice that I'll be able to use today and in the future. Not only for myself, but to also inform others and give other people advice.

  • It honestly made me think that I really need to get my crap together before college. I have had a terrible high school experience, but learning that I still have time to change my life and make it better, makes me feel a little more confident.

  • I became a little bit more inspired to keep going, I already make most of these decisions. But I did learn more about how drugs affect the brain and about the male reproductive system which I knew nothing about.

  • Realized what mistakes I need to fix.

  • It gave me insight on how to be safe with the actions I have with other people, with staying away from certain situations and people alike. How to be smart about where I go and what I do and thinking about the rest of my life.

  • It showed me things that I hadn’t known before. Like how often abuse happens, and what abuse consists of. I now am going to be able to help someone, whether it be myself or a friend, if they are ever stuck in a bad situation.

  • It was a positive one because it opened my eyes to the problems our actions bring and how to treat/avoid them.

  • Learning about emotional abuse and about the bodies of women and men. Also about what affects the brain and how we can improve our life. Also how social media affects our future and how we can prevent many bad things from happening.

  • I learned that in no cases should I stay in a relationship that isn’t good for me even if I love the person.

  • Taught me to respect my body and relationships that I get in.

  • It taught me very good information about goals in life, and what the signs of a healthy relationship. It had a lot of shocking information about sexually transmitted diseases, and what those diseases can do to you in the long run. He made a very good comment by saying "show me your friends and I’ll show you your future" and I have heard that so many times but he explained it very well It was overall a lot of good information and I learned a lot.

  • It mainly made my view on the emotions people can feel in a relationship change I think more deeply about it now.


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